Daniel "Dani" Marigold

Slick Computer Technician


An average man doing an average task, but living a not so average life. Daniel Marigold works as the friendly hospital tech guy, and secretly harbors the realm of the dead. He is witty, charming, and using his artistically fine lack of good hair he can pick up any chick he wants. One of the most caring people you’ll meet on your trek through the hospital, stopping to listen to everyone’s side of things, you’d never even consider that he was deeply intrigued by those whom are already dead.

In light of recent events he has taken a bad rap from an elderly woman’s family, as he had been seen to be the last person to have talked to her before her rapid decline into delirious banter and sudden death. He really did have the best intentions and is still trying to put it all to rest.

He wants to serve and protect the town he lives in, and he wants justice to come to this menace that seems to be ravaging the spirit realm and terrorizing the mortal realm.

“Everyone has their day. We will always have one foot in the grave, but the thing I fear isn’t death… No. I just want it to occur peacefully, and as of now there is definitely something preventing these spirits from doing so. I simply seek the place in which we all can rest at ease.” -Dani

Daniel "Dani" Marigold

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