The Chaos Algorithm

An episodic play by e-mail/forum World Of Darkness RPG, designed for 1-10 players. Basis of the story takes place in the time between the time period of World War 2 and Present Day. With the player’s characters scattered around the world and in different time periods. The Players will be put against multiple NPCs as well as each other. Each section will be during a 2 week period where the player will get pieces of the story and then reply with their actions. The more players the longer the response will take from me (So if I don’t respond right away, remember that I have a family and full time job. Plus I need to go over everyone’s actions)

Requested Character Types and Archetypes
Mortal and Human characters are preferred, but Mage and Kindred are excepted. Also archetypes such as Soldiers, Doctors, Scientists, Explorers, Teachers, and the Everyday Joe are preferred. Super Charged Characters are not acceptable. And Rules Lawyering will not be tolerated (Do Not Expected Normal Rules of WOD to apply).

What is The Chaos Algorithm
The story will center around the discovery of pieces to a massive equation that
unlocks the basics of life itself. (The God Machine). The discovery of each section of the equation will bring upon a chance of Madness or even clarity, depending on the order of the pieces in the equation (Currently To Be Determined) The character that discovers the truth behind the Algorithm would have the ability to shape humanity, Cure or Cause Disease, or even immortality. A politician with this knowledge could rule over the world. A Scientist could create the perfect being, A businessman could sell immortality.

The Chaos Algorithim

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